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Palm Drive Hospital has one of the most advanced Intensive Care Units in California and a state-of-the-art robotic telemedicine program directed by James Gude, MD. Robotic telemedicine makes it possible for primary care physicians and our local specialists to consult immediately with on-call specialists throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
Palm Drive is the hub of a growing network of hospitals that use a mobile, wireless robot to bring San Francisco Bay Area specialists directly to patients' bedsides. Our experience with our robot, Herb, and studies from other hospitals show that the robotic link with specialists saves lives and improves patient care, while lowering costs for both patients and hospitals.
Before robotic telemedicine was introduced in our Intensive Care Unit, if a patient needed a consult from a specialist, like a neurosurgeon, the primary physician had only two choices. Either a neurosurgeon from Santa Rosa would be found in a timely manner or the patient had to be transferred to a ICU with immediate access to that specialty, which generally meant a transfer to a San Francisco Bay Hospital.
Now with a state-of-the-art robotic telemedicine program, patients can remain in their local community hospital. Whether patients are in the ICU or on the medical-surgical ward, all have immediate access to the specialists who can make a difference in their medical recovery.
The following websites have more information about this important program:

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